Emotionally Focused Therapy: A Complete Treatment

Emotionally Focused

I think you’ll love Carl and Sandra if you see them – I sure loved working with them.

Through this video set you can learn more about Emotionally Focused Therapy while you see this delightful couple move towards secure attachment in Emotionally Focused Therapy: A Complete Treatment when you go to psychotherapy.net Or cut and paste this link: http://www.psychotherapy.net/video/emotionally-focused-therapy-training

Here’s a bit of the feedback from therapists who purchased the 10 sessions.

“I’ve already started watching the first three sessions and what a great resource – it’s wonderful to see you work with this couple, and to be able to see the work progress over time. I’ve already been able to apply some of your specific ways of intervening (such as when the client is saying “this is all too much, all this therapy, is it worth it?) and you acknowledged the question but then put it right back in the cycle – very deft! :-) And I love how the transcript “follows along. This is truly a wonderful resource!” Katty

“I did want to add my voice to others who have said how helpful it was to watch Becca’s 10 session video on Psychotherapy.net.
Every session is worth watching. Becca is extremely skilled at fearlessly using the interaction in the room, focusing on attachment themes, putting lots of content issues into the cycle and working collaboratively with the couple to help them recognize their own patterns. She is kind, insightful and persistent in guiding this couple toward a more satisfying relationship. The couple has a strong recovery program and she works effectively in recognizing the importance of their recovery history while also blending in attachment themes of EFT.
I’ve seen many training tapes but it is significantly different to see an unedited 10 sessions. It was reassuring to see Becca sometimes miss and then work calmly and collaboratively with the couple to get back on track. I’ve noticed a big improvement in own work as I’ve been studying these tapes.” Barbara

“I also want to say that that having the training tapes is really great and seeing how Becca handles with such finesse all the different blocks and emotions is a great learning experience for me. It is nice to have it readily available to watch whenever I want the different segments. Thank you so much Becca for these wonderful teaching tapes!” Diana

“Everyone I supervise is buying the series and many of my friends. I am very excited that you have made this exceptional series available. I have already used many of our interventions in my work. You so gently move this couple through the steps. What a blessing!” Jean

I just bought it and though I only have a little time to watch tonight… I know it is going to be so helpful.to just feel you find your way along so gracefully, with so much care and ………. I don’t want to say words here…. too limiting. I just want to say it’s beautiful to watch you work.” Robert

“Hey Becca, I am watching a bit more of your video – really, it is so wonderful to see a “live”, an actual – where they don’t answer the actual questions you ask, get back into content… and to see her get fired up and work through that… so much more realistic and applicable – thanks AGAIN! ” Laura

“Becca, your recent training video set will be so incredibly helpful. You were absolutely steadfast in tracking the cycle, ever so patient in heightening emotion, and cleverly reframing that I was suddenly jolted when they had beautiful, sweet break throughs. I said to myself, “Wait, wait now how did she do that?!!” Soooo… I got some work ahead of me and now I have this lovely couple right in my kitchen computer who can help me answer my question.” Linda

“Rebecca, I am now finished watching all ten sessions…I so admire your ability to stay “curious” with this couple and keep working to refine the patterns and emotions despite their frequent corrections, denials and attempts at exit. I am so new to EFT and hope that I can some day get half as good at this as you are. I am watching the 10 session set again from the beginning and this time taking notes. You have some really good key phrases that I think will help me slow my couples down, by into the reframe and recognize their cycle. Thanks again.” Elizabeth

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