Individual Supervision

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There are lots of ways for me to help you with EFT Supervision or Consultation.

In Person (of course)

If you are in the San Diego area, we may be able to arrange to meet in person just over the border at my office in Mexico. Or if I'm in your area we can arrange an in person meeting.



Just like “behind the mirror” supervision, I can join in during your session as a “bug” in your ear. Rather than being “behind the mirror,” I can be “behind the screen” and offer you real-time supervision. This experiential process allows you to work with attachment emotions and accomplish the EFT change events in the moment. It's distance supervision at its best: fast, helpful, and secure (even HIPPA compliant).
 For Bug-In-Ear supervision all you need is a good internet speed, a web cam, and an ear-piece (wireless is desirable). Dr. Jorgensen will help you do the rest.
Get moment to moment feedback and coaching to keep the session on track and in the EFT model. This is real-time experiential learning. If you're a hands on learner, you will love this method.

Session Review

The fastest way to have your tapes reviewed is to share your video file through the internet. I use an online secure meeting room. You send your file to me through a file transfer service that we provide you an upload link so you can easily and free of charge securely send your session video. Once you have your taped session saved in a digital file and sent to me the rest is a breeze. In fact, the hardest part will be matching our schedules up.

After your EFT consultation is scheduled, you will be given a meeting link to join Dr. Jorgensen online in a secure meeting space. Your session will be there, ready to watch and review together so you can receive feedback, instruction, encouragement and even practice.


Telephone based supervision is a good alternative when you need help with an active case and only have an audio file. It is helpful to have a transcript of the case you would like reviewed. Telephone based supervision is individually scheduled.

Contact Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen by email or phone 619-694-6433 to arrange individual supervision.


My consultation fees are $190 an hour. This is payable via PayPal (or similar service), direct bank transfer, or by check.


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