Need Therapy?

Are you longing for love and understanding


* Your relationship is distressed, or is there just too much distance?

* Do you avoid going home or discussing sensitive topics so you won’t argue?

* Do you feel nagged or criticized?

* Or, are you discouraged because you don’t feel understood or cared about?

* Do your arguments go the same way again and again?

Perhaps you’ve heard too many horror stories of couples going to therapy 
and ending up divorced? Or, maybe you’ve tried therapy before and it didn’t
really get to the heart of the matter.

Even with these concerns, you know that nothing’s more important than having a happy marriage.

It’s true.

Your health, how long you live and even your financial status are related to the happiness of your marriage.

If you want help for your relationship and you want it from someone who uses a proven therapy model, someone who really knows how to help from years of successful experience (along with the right training), then you’re in the right place!

I know how to help you get the negative pattern out of your intimate relationship, even if you’re highly distressed and discouraged.

 I use a model of couple’s therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, that is demonstrated by research to improve marriages! You can be happy and satisfied.

I have years of successful experience helping couples feel close and happy so they can problem solve and communicate again. You, me and EFT means great odds are in your favor for overcoming your problems and having the happy family you’ve wanted to have together.

If you’d like to strengthen your marriage and you’d like to work with someone who knows how to get right to the heart of the matter then I’d be happy to help you.

Start helping your marriage right away with proven concepts from the science of love.

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Dr. Sue Johnson

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Here’s what is said about Emotionally Focused Therapy

“One of the few approaches to marital therapy 
that has been proven to be effective
” Jay Lebow, Ph.D, President, 
Division of Family Psychology of the American Psychological Association

“EFT a proven road map to the process of change in couple therapy
.”John Gottman, Ph.D,
Bestselling author of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

“EFT one of the best documented, most substantive 
and well researched approaches to couple therapy.” 
Alan S. Gurman, Ph.D


EFT has achieved an astounding 75 percent success rate. 
Results are lasting!
” American Psychological Association