Group Consultation


Online EFT Group Consultation (counts as EFT Group Supervision hours towards certification)

  • Do you live far away from any EFT supervisors?
  • Would you like to get more supervision at less cost?
  • Do you prefer meeting from your home or office?

Group supervision provides an accelerated and economical learning opportunity and brings you out of learning in isolation into a supportive, safe, team experience with other EFTers. Many groups have members spanning continents. You can develop long lasting peer relationships in a global environment.

If you answered yes to any of these questions Online EFT Group Consultation might be right for you.

No matter the style of EFT Consultation you need, Becca knows how to help you get started.

  • See or share video taped sessions.
  • Review the model.
  • Hear the way others use attachment language.
  • See EFT at work!

You can enjoy the benefits of group consultation at the touch of your finger tips.


Twice a month, Monday – Friday (depending on your location)

Cost: $150 US per month for 4 hours of consultation. Rates may be adjusted for international exchange.

Online Group Consultation is a great way to supplement your EFT Training or, of course, meet the group supervision requirement for EFT Certification. This is especially good if you don’t live near a Certified EFT Supervisor or if you just like the convenience of meeting without going anywhere.

We will help you figure out the technology – it’s not hard for us – we’ve been doing it for years.

Show-My-Own-Tape Online Group Consultation

Do you live in a remote local and still desire to have group supervision? It’s possible! Online groups include all the things that make group supervision wonderful; reviewing steps and stages, showing your tapes, getting feedback, and practice. Video conferencing supervision groups are composed of EFT Trainees from all over the world. Participants are able to talk online together and take turns sharing a recording of their work.

You get to show your tape and get EFT Consultation/Supervision and feedback from the other therapists in the group.

Get your questions answered.

Supervision at it’s finest, in a group setting, no matter how far away you are.

For example, current consultation groups have members from many times zones and even across the international date line, from places in the US, Canada, Cz Republic, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Australia, Barbados, Holland and Nova Scotia. You can have an international and multicultural EFT Group Experience too.

To apply to be part of one of Becca’s online group’s please register your interest here by clicking here.

For more information click here.

If you have a local group of therapists that are interested in developing as EFT Therapists and want to work with Dr. Jorgensen, easy. Just have Becca join your group through a Web Conference. Your group meets in one location and Dr. Jorgensen can join you via webcam conferencing. You receive all the benefits of joining together with your local colleagues and get supervision at the same time!
To arrange a web conference contact us via email or telephone.

Another option is Web Conferencing:

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