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As a Certified (Registered) EFT Supervisor, Becca offers supervision or consultation aimed at helping you really learn EFT and/or prepare for certification.

Becca offers a variety of supervision opportunities geared to help you or your agency improve the effectiveness of EFT practice. No matter where you are, you can learn EFT.

Your options for Individual EFT Supervision include:

  • Bug-In-Ear
  • Skype or Telephone Consultation
  • Video Recorded Video Review (extra fee)

Your options for Group EFT Supervision include:

  • Face-to-Face
  • On-site
  • Video Conferencing (your group in one location, videoing Becca in)
  • Webinar (group members and Becca join in via an online meeting)
  • Teleconference

Here are the descriptions of the different types of supervision:


(Live Web-based Case Consultation)
Web-based consultation means that you can have a ‘bug-in-your-ear” experience. Rather than being “behind the mirror,” Becca can be “behind the screen” and offer you real-time supervision so you can experientially know how to work with attachment emotions and accomplish the EFT change events. It’s distance supervision at its best: fast, helpful, and secure.

All you need is good internet speed, a web cam and a phone ear-piece (wireless is desirable) to be ready for Live Case Consultation from your own office. Dr. Jorgensen will help you do the rest. Live web-based case consultation requires joint scheduling.
Skype or Telephone

Skype or Telephone based supervision is a good alternative when you have a case your actively working on and a question comes up which you need help with, and you would like that help before your next session.

If you meet with Becca via Skype you can “share your screen” so she can see your video of the session as you play it on your computer. This is a good way to do video review.

Meeting via Skype of telephone is also good if you have a transcript of a case you would like reviewed to get feedback on.

Skype or Telephone based supervision is individually scheduled.

Email Dr. Jorgensen’s office to arrange a time.
Group Supervision Web Conferencing Do you have a local group of therapists that are interested in developing as EFT Therapists but no local supervisor? Dr. Jorgensen can join your group through a Web Conference. Your group meets in one location and Dr. Jorgensen can join you via webcam conferencing. You recieve all the benefits of joining together with your local professionals and get supervision at the same time! To arrange a web conference contact us via email or telephone.

Supervision Groups in San Diego
Group supervision is a lot of fun and a great way to learn EFT. We identify and review steps and stages, show and give feedback on tapes you bring, and practice! Dr. Jorgensen is available to do face-to-face in person group supervision by special arrangement. She frequently does day-long intensive group supervision with 3 – 8 therapists. Arrange your own group or request to be on the developing group list.
San Diego Information

Online Group Supervision Do you live in a remote local and still desire to have video-based group supervision? It’s possible! Video conferencing includes all the things that make group supervision wonderful; reviewing steps and stages, showing your tapes, getting feedback, and practice. If you have high speed internet you can enjoy web-based group supervision.
Online group supervision is composed of EFT Trainees from all over the world.
Groups can be as small as 3 or very large, depending on the type of group.
Some groups are topic specific or EFT stage related. Some groups are traditional tape review/consultation groups.
Online supervision can be counted as group supervision hours in the EFT registration process. Becca offers two main type of group supervision (and others by arrangement): Unpacking The Process Unpacking the Process is an online EFT consultation group where we systematically unpack the steps and stages by viewing and reviewing EFT training tapes while hearing commentary and taking part in discussion about the process and interventions represented in that stage/step, then reviewing participant’s tapes to support the learning and integration of the model.
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Online Groups
Each online group has a designated online meeting room and time. You get the benefits of being in a group that securely shares video of real sessions so you can get feedback and instruction on your work.
Online groups provide the advantage of reviewing the model together, having a shared experience of learning the model and hearing how others use attachment affect and language.
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On-site EFT consultation/supervision

So, you’re excited about EFT and would like to learn more. You can bring Dr. Jorgensen to you and your locale! Maybe you have a strong consultation group developed (or would like to develop one) and you’d like face-to-face group supervision or an Advanced Externship. Again, she’s happy to come to you. Think of the money you can save in time and travel by bringing the EFT supervision to you!

Teleconference (10 Hours)
Teleconferences run across 10 weeks, one hour per week. Each participant is assigned a week and given one half hour to present a case (presentation includes submitting the presentation form and 20 minutes of a session transcript) and receive feedback. Teleconferences can be counted as group supervision hours in the EFT registration process.
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What about training? A training event (Core Skills or an Externship) can also be brought to your area to help you meet certification requirements! As one of the few Certified EFT Trainers, Becca works with The International Center for Excellence in EFT to arrange for your training event to meet EFT registration requirements. Core Skills Trainings or Advanced Externships create excellent opportunities to further your EFT training in your own area. Dr. Jorgensen is a skilled supervisor and presenter with experience training therapists EFT throughout North America and internationally. This page is devoted to supervision of EFT. To learn more about EFT Training or if you are interested in having Dr. Jorgensen provide a training event please contact her directly. For more information about any of the supervision methods Dr. Jorgensen utilizes you can contact her office by email (see below).

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You will be contacted to make specific arrangements.

All of the types of distance supervision require for you to send media of your session to Becca.

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