Service Learning

Thank you for coming over to register for this unique opportunity!

There are several opportunities you have to improve and learn Emotionally Focused Therapy while by providing service. You can volunteer to help at a training event or Hold Me Tight® workshop, or review a session video and make notes on it, or edit a session transcript. Just enter your information here and we'll get you on our service learning team.

Service Learning

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What will help us (you and me) when you review a session:

If you are going to review a session video here are some of the processes and/or interventions that are helpful to take notes on (make sure you jot down the time). Here's some ways you might describe key moves:

Using the Tango :

1. Reflecting the cycle

2. Accessing Primary Emotion

3. Setting up the Enactment, the Enactment Prompt

4. Processing the Enactment

5. Short summary of what's been happening in the session

Using the Steps of EFT:

1. Alliance and assessment

2. Cycle Identification

3. Accessing Primary Emotion

4. The Reframe (where the couple is getting it)

5. Going deeper into primary emotion, view of self/other, disowned aspects of self and experience

6. Promoting Acceptance

7. Asking for Needs to be Met

Using Interventions:

Emotional Processing Interventions: (zoom in) Reflection, Validation, Evocative Questions, Evocative Sandwiches, Conjectures, Heightening, RISSSC (noting key metaphors)

Restructuring Interventions: (zoom out) Tracking and reflecting the cycle, Reframing (crossing over) Enactments

You can also make comments to me about the session, especially things like if you felt moved, if something confused you, or if you thought I was way off track (and did you see me get back on).

Really, the notes don't have to be in depth, just across the session so we know what's happening every 3 -5 minutes. And again, do note times if you can.

Now if you're still ready to jump in, please do!! And a BIG THANK YOU – I think it'll be….fun? Perhaps interesting? I'm not sure what – but hopefully not, not, not boring and a lot useful to you.