EFT Step by Step

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Step by Step

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Powerful and unique! This in-depth and thorough course is an amazing resource for all couple therapists.  Seeing so many examples of seasoned EFT therapists working with real couples is invaluable to really understand the subtleties and depth of this approach; I heartily recommend it.”
—Dr. Sue Johnson, developer of EFT;  Director of International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy

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The majority of therapy in the United states is individual therapy in part because therapists find the challenges of couple therapy overwhelming. This video course featuring Rebecca Jorgensen and emotionally focused therapy is the best, most comprehensive program ever developed to teach therapists a systemic way o understand, assess, and treat couples. Following 5 real-life, complex couples serves to make therapeutic strategies and techniques personal and concrete. This program will benefit both experienced clinicians and those in training. I give this program my highest rating.
Barry McCarthy, Ph.D. workshop presenter, author, and professor
Author of Sex Made Simple,Rekindling Desire (2nd. edition), Sexual Awareness (5th edition), Therapy with Men After Sixty, Developing Your Couple Sexual Style, Men's Sexual Health, Enduring Desire, Coping with Erectile Dysfunction, Getting It Right the First Time, Coping with Premature Ejaculation

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I've started watching your Step by Step video and I want to tell you that I'm finding it an excellent resource. It's put together in a very helpful way to combine theory and video examples of what you are describing. Thank you for your time, energy and expertise in putting this together. I think it will become a classic for EFT practitioners
Certified EFT Therapist

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I have to tell you that I bought your Psychotherapy.net EFT step by step program and I LOVE It! I went through the impasses section today and really appreciated the shame module. You did such a nice job explaining and then showing how to work with it. This is a fabulous learning tool. Again, THANK YOU for all you do to teach EFT.
Certified EFT Therapist


The STEP program is extremely helpful. THANK YOU for doing that! I am well aware of the immense amount of work it took to put that together — detail after detail! It has clarified the interventions and the overall process in such a succinct yet thorough manner, and I can go back and watch over and over. I have read, of course, the books, the workbook, have pored over all the helpful articles in the Therapist Toolbox, but this puts things together in a new way. It’s a capstone on the other methods of learning which of course were necessary to utilize this!
Judith B.


I was taking a sick day yesterday when I heard about this streaming possibility so I decided to make use of my time by downloading Step-by-Step. It is a fabulous review of both underlying theory and of theory put directly into practice with real client sessions embedded after each teaching point. I am halfway through and still amazed at all the hard work and collaboration that went into the production of this series.
Thank you, Becca, for making this training series your project.
Christine Gazulis


I just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely in love with your new training video series! I find it tremendously helpful! I'm in the process of getting certified and have been yearning for something like this to tie it all together for me in between supervision sessions and watching videos of sessions. Because I learn much better through visual/audio than just reading, I feel like your videos that break down what's happening in process have finally given me access to what felt like a missing link in my studying of EFT!! 🙂
Erin Grupp April 24, 2017


“I never knew learning could be so much fun. Like a riveting movie, these master therapists engage us, and take therapists on an inspiring journey that will greatly increase their effectiveness and confidence in doing couples therapy. This is a must-see for every therapist working with couples.”
–George Faller, LMFT, founder of New York Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy

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