Intensive Couple Therapy


What is Intensive Couple Therapy and how do you know if it’d be good for your relationship?


Are you and your partner:

  • Can’t make weekly counseling work?
  • Stuck in your therapy?
  • Wanting to kick start treatment to have a stronger base to work from?
  • Needing some kind of change in your relationship?
  • In a crisis?
  • Endlessly arguing or not talking about what really matters at all?
  • Thinking about separation/divorce but want to work it through?
  • Wanting change to come sooner than later?

Intensive Couple Therapy can help you get back on track and strengthen your relationship.


Spending personalized private time together in intensive couple therapy can help jump start your marriage and take it to new levels of emotional connectivity. Instead of taking months to complete the hours of couple therapy that will get your relationship ahead you can devote those hours within this week. During this therapy intensive couples find new hope, understanding, and the feelings of togetherness they have been so desperately missing.

This private and personalized couple’s counseling is for couples who want to make a change, from couples who want to grow more together to those who feel significantly distressed in their relationship. Not infrequently couples who attend an intensive are considering separation and/or divorce. No matter where you are in your relationship if you want more closeness and understanding, an increased ability to have difficult conversations and feel more deeply cared for a couple intensive can help you.

How it works:

You will meet for intensive sessions with Dr. Jorgensen during 3 week days.

Here is the 3 day schedule:

Day 1:  Morning Session: Assessment 2 – 2.5 hour. Afternoon Session: 2 hours
Day 2: Morning Session: 2 hours.  Afternoon Session 1.5 hours
Day 3: Morning Session: 2 hours.  Afternoon Session 1.5 hours

Equivalent to approximately 6 months of weekly therapy

Becca strongly recommends having a professional set up for you to do follow-up with after the intensive, to integrate the success across time. Optionally, you may prefer to return for mini-intensives to continue to bolster your connection and growth. Either way, Becca will help make sure the work you completed during the intensive can be built on when you return home.

Becca will be on-call as needed during the intensive.

couple2 how it works

Before you get started:

Intensives work best when you create a “retreat” or “get-away”experience. Plan your hotel or vacation rental, or resort stay and plan time to do other things you enjoy between session, so you enjoy a relaxed environment, have rest time and let the therapy sink in. After all intensives are a lot of work.

Read or listen to “Hold Me Tight” or “Love Sense” by Dr. Susan Johnson.

Attend a Lasting Connection® workshop with a certified facilitator to get a shared framework of attachment and emotion processing.

Set up follow-up therapy or support before the intensive (Dr. J can help you with this), so you’ll have support to maintain the progress you make. Becca is connected to therapists who practice Emotionally Focused Therapy (effective and research validated) around the world and is happy to help you with this.

Complete intake questionnaires individually. Click Here for the forms.

Is an intensive right for you?


Intensives are not recommend for couples when:

  • One or both partners have an active addiction.

  • There is an ongoing affair.

  • Both partners are not committed to work on improving or healing the relationship.

If you’re uncertain if your relationship is a good fit for this format of therapy your questions can be answered in a pre-intensive screening call. If the timing or fit doesn’t feel right other resources will be suggested, we want to help.

As with any psychotherapy, results are not guaranteed. 

If you are coming from out of state, all ethical and legal guidelines for providing services are accordance with the state of Utah (includes but not limited to HIPAA, confidentiality, reporting abuse, etc). We are mandated to report allegations or evidence of abuse in the state that you reside and possibly in UT (where services are provided).

To schedule this intensive work, please email Dr


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You might ask, “Is it worth it?”

As you consider how valuable this experience could be for your relationship think about what you’re trying to save, improve, strengthen or heal –your marriage, your family! Improving your marriage is a very smart way to save reduce costs, including financial toll. If your relationship gets worse you could be paying far more than the cost of intensive therapy for divorce attorneys, relocation, therapy, child support, and more. The financial costs of relationship deterioration are huge, the family and emotional costs are even bigger and longer lasting. Your marriage deserves the best possible help and Dr. Jorgensen can give that to you.

About Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen

Becca has the highest certification available in the most effective and prestigious couple therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). She is a master clinician and known around the world for her expertise in this gold-standard of couple therapy.

Dr. Jorgensen has been helping distressed couples through intensive couple therapy for the past 14 years. Intensive couple therapy differs from ongoing weekly treatment and she has developed the ability to help you move away from the suffering you feel in your relationship in as short of time possible. She is prepared and highly proficient in her skill. Her expertise optimizes your investment so you can quickly gain ground in achieving the best possible outcome – to heal and move forward in a positive and loving way.

Dr. Jorgensen knows that intensive therapy an investment – an investment of time, money, emotional energy and perhaps the last bit of hope you have for the change you want in your relationship. Becca knows how to multiply your investment with her ability to provide highly focused, deliberate treatment with interventions and tools that meet you where you are so you will leave more assured, calm and connected – and with a plan, the tools and the support you need to keep building on that progress. Of course, not everything you struggle with can resolve during your personalized intensive and Becca’s commitment to you is that what isn’t resolved will be well outlined and a plan for how to continue on will be developed collaboratively with you.


Dr. Jorgensen is certified by the International Center for Excellence in EFT as a Therapist, Supervisor of Therapists, and Trainer. She trains therapists and psychologists (nationally and internationally) to do effective couple therapy and work with especially difficult cases. Not only has Dr. Jorgensen completed the best training and has the highest credentials available, she works closely with Dr. Sue Johnson, who created Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

Becca is a master clinician and trains other couple therapists around the world. As a leader in couple therapy she presented at the International Summit for Emotionally Focused Therapy (2012) on how to do effective intensive couple therapy and how to help couples heal infidelity. She regularly works with couples (as well as trains, consults and supervises therapists) who want to heal affairs, sexual addiction, couple distress and childhood trauma. For more information about Dr. Jorgensen and her work in the field of couple therapy see her best selling-selling 3-video set, Emotionally Focused Therapy: A Complete Treatment and TRIEFT the Training Institute she co-directs.

About Emotionally Focused Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a highly effective treatment for couples. The approach includes understanding relationships and our need as people to bond and have loving, romantic relationships. Within the hands of a skills practitioner EFT empowers couples to change their relationship system which gives each partner more access to their loving feelings and creates more emotional safety so each partner can be more open, seen, heard and appreciated in the relationship for who they are.  Emotionally Focused Therapy helps couples move from feeling insecure, stuck, distressed and disconnected from each other by helping them change the relationship in a systemic way and creating a secure bond so their love will grow, blossom and last across time and the challenges of life.  In short EFT helps couples change their relationship from being a challenge to helping them face life’s challenges. After all, when we have this figured out we meeting our most deeply held human need, to be stronger together.

EFT Gold Standard Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy is based on 50 years of research into human bonding and 30 years of research on this form of treatment to help couples connect and thrive.  To see some of the research on Emotionally Focused Therapy and how it meets the GOLD STANDARD of couple therapy visit


You can repair your relationship. I’d love to talk with you about how I can help.