Talk Time Featuring Movement Educator-Ian Jorgensen

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Back in June I was in NYC to speak at the Sex and Attachment conference. I had just read an article on back pain and I wasn't sure about some of the tips the article suggested. I was having lunch with someone I love a lot who also happens to be a fitness expert/personal trainer and we chatted about the article and all about therapists and our back pain.
Who would have thought that being a therapist comes with the occupational hazard of back problems, when it's such a nice, cushy and sedentary job? 
During our lunch conversation I was so interested in all the things Ian (my step-son) was sharing I figured you'd be interested too. Putting my fears of favoritism aside, I asked him to join us on Talk Time and he agreed! 
So there you have it – the first Talk Time featuring one of my family members.  And it's on a really great topic too – The Common Mistakes Therapists Make That Create or Maintain Back Pain and How To Avoid Them.
Here are some key points you can expect from this webinar. You'll learn:
  • What bones you need to pay attention to when you're at work to strengthen your core.
  • The two biggest things that put therapists at risk for back and neck pain and how to prevent them from getting you.
  • The effective between session movements you need to create back health.
  • Learn how to move pain free while creating strength during your work day.
Ian Jorgensen is a Certified Alexander technique teacher, Certified Pilates Instructor and professional personal trainer and has some amazing tips for therapists with this Talk Time:

You can learn more about Ian here.