Unpacking the Process

Unpacking The Process: Review Training Tapes & Discusss

This internet based consultation group

 Unpacking the Process is an online EFT consultation group where we systematically unpack the steps and stages by viewing and reviewing EFT training tapes. We discuss the tapes, your questions and responses and liken them to your work. You can take part in discussion about the process and the interventions represented in that stage/step.

This format provides an in-depth deconstruction of the EFT framework so you can more deeply integrate, practice, and develop the skills necessary for success using the model. So you can know what to do, when to do it, and why.

Becca uses an online secure meeting room through a platform called Adobe Connect Pro.

In this meeting room, you can chat (write), talk (voice), upload different content and record. It's a great platform that we've had a lot of success with. The “meeting room” is easy to use, and we'll help you figure it out! Plus, Adobe Connect Pro has very good technical support. Click Here to test your connection and see if you're set to use this meeting room.

The cost is $90.00 US a month for two 1.5 hour sessions. 
If you are outside of the U.S. and need a price adjustment for the currency exchange rate, please contact the office.

Can't make a session, no problem. The consultation sessions are recorded and available for you to review between sessions in a secure online meeting room. Whether you have to miss a meeting or just want to review, you can benefit from having access to the replay.

There are two ongoing groups. You're welcome to join in. There is space.

10:30 – 12:00 Pacific Time

You can start an ongoing group with your payment, we just as that you review the current tape once you're signed up so you can join in the discussion and not be lost.

Email Max to Sign Up now.

What participants are saying:

“Thank you Becca. This bi-weekly seminar has so enriched my understanding of EFT!”

“Thanks for creating these virtual learning groups. Every time I experience some new learning that is really practical, helpful, and important to learning the EFT model. It's amazing that it happens again and again!” K. Coffron

“The best part about [Unpacking] was that I got SO much exposure to actual sessions! I feel so lucky to have seen so many hours of an expert in the field in action! So much of EFT is about the immediate moment in the room, where the clients are at, how to talk/empathize/listen/reflect in the moment… I feel like the online training was AWESOME for that!….knowing what a session looks like, and seeing it explained piece by piece is invaluable!

Also, humorously, the fact that it was spread out helped me to really give my full attention! At most, I'd sit for an hour and a half. Often, I'd spread the [Unpacking replay] out over the week. I could watch it again if I really liked it or needed to understand it better.. I was just able to really absorb everything better, at least for my learning process.

Your insights in the session were SO helpful…Thanks a bunch for everything! I could not have gotten this far without your support, encouragement, and guidance!” J. Marder, LMFT.

Email Max to Sign Up now.

Trouble Shooting

I'm having trouble viewing the video. I can hear everything in the meeting room, until the video starts playing, then I just hear choppy pieces and only see a bit of the video every few seconds, and it seems I'm lagging behind the tape discussion.

I'm missing a lot of the meeting when the video plays.

1. Ensure your flash player is the most recent version.
2. Close down the window and reopen it. Make you you allow the add on to be installed.
3. Use an Ethernet cable (hard wire), not WiFi (wireless).
4. Have your internet upgraded to a faster speed. (do the speed check as recommended above)
5. Call adobe support at the number below for your area:

Trouble connecting, need assistance during a meeting? Call our expert In-Meeting team.


In-Meeting Support

Technical Support

United States

800-42-ADOBE (800-422-3623)



800-42-ADOBE (800-422-3623)



800-800-ADOBE (00 800800 23623)

020 7365 0735


800-800-ADOBE (00 800800 23623)

01 242 1552


800-800-ADOBE (00 800800 23623)

01 712 30854


800-800-ADOBE (00 800800 23623)

0695 007 1407


In-Meeting Support


1800 016 837


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00 800 8002 3623


0800 761 0861

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10800 744 0415

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10800 440 0397

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800 700 695


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0800 029 2054

New Zealand

0800 310 318


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810800 23521044


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00 800 8002 3623


00 800 8002 3623


1800 4418119