Featuring Dr. Lori Schade – The Importance of Warmth in Couple Therapy

Dr. Lori Schade will be joined me to share her fascinating research on Therapist's Warmth in couple therapy.

I know I feel a lot of warmth towards my clients, at least usually. *smile* And, I hope you do too. However, I didn't know expressing my warm feelings with my clients makes a difference to the outcome of their therapy but amazingly it does. Nor did I know the components of warmth that make it visible.

During this webinar you'll learn just what warmth is, how its useful and why it matters. You'll also learn the three key components of warmth and how they make in-session improvements. You'll learn that even small levels of measurable warmth makes a difference in therapy-outcomes across time. And finally, you'll learn what happens in marriage therapy if you direct warmth at the husband.

Here is the link to get the 3-Hour Training:

WARMTH – The One SIMPLE Research Based Skill You Need To Increase Your Effectiveness In Couple Therapy

Here is the research on warmth- the full article.

A Longitudinal View of the Association between Therapist Warmth and Couples’ In-Session Process an Observational Pilot Study of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy