Dr. Ian Kerner – Bestselling Author and Sex Therapist

Dr. Ian Kerner, a  New York Times best-selling author/Sex and Relationship Expert, was a fantastic guest.

Here are some nuggets you'll be sure to enjoy learning about:

  •   Gender differences in sexual health
  •   Ian's approach to female orgasm
  •   Tips you need for talking to clients
  •   Ways people can improve sexual satisfaction

Dr. Kerner is a well known therapist, specializing in sexuality, relationships and relational issues. He is a best-selling author of numerous books, including the ever-popular She Comes First and his guide Good In Bed: 52 Weeks Of Amazing Sex. He writes a well known column for CNN and can often be seen on the TODAY Show and the Dr. Oz Show amongst others.

Ian is also the founder of GoodinBed.com, a web destination and publishing company that brings together many of the country's leading sex experts.

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