Talk Time with Barry McCarthy-Talking About Sex

Thank you for attending the Talk Time webinar with Rebecca Jorgensen, Featuring Dr. Barry McCarthy.

July 23, 2014

I've been getting a lot of questions about working with couples and sex, sex therapy.
We're so fortunate to have a very well known and vastly published Marriage and Sex Therapist (the two don't often go together) Dr. Barry McCarthy join me to talk about sex. We'll be talking about the newest thinking when it comes to desire, pleasure and developing relationship security that includes sexual satisfaction.
Secure attachment is important and when it comes to the couple relationship how to share sexuality so each partner feels sexual desire and sexually desired is important to strengthen and energize the loving bond.
Dr. McCarthy is an experienced couples therapist, and an experienced sex therapist. He is a writer, speaker and expert, and popular workshop leader, on how couples can rekindle lost desire and use between session homework to expand and strengthen desire.
We will discuss principles he lays out in the books, Rekindling Desire and Sexual Awareness along with considering thoughts related to the couples sexual style and attachment security. Dr. McCarthy is in support of couple's therapy and provides additional resources to contribute to couples achieving a satisfying, secure and sexual relationship.
In my years of knowing Dr. McCarthy's work, a highlight for me was working with and introducing him at the EFT Summit in 2010 in San Diego. I'm so pleased to have Dr. McCarthy on Talk Time and get to share and discuss this important information.

Here are links to Barry's Books:

Sexual Awareness – the one with exercises to give couples

Rekindling Desire – it addresses the biggest problem for couples related to sex

Here are some handouts for you, written by Dr. McCarthy

Guidelines for Female Pleasure, Eroticism, and Orgasm

Dimensions of the Good Enough Sex model 2013

Female Sexual Desire Blog

EXERCISE 1 – FOR NONGENITAL PLEASURING – Sample from Dr. McCarthy's book Sexual Awareness

Here is information about upcoming workshops for couples and couple therapists

Link to Couples Workshops for Therapists and Their Partners with Becca