Shame Free Living

This innocent 2 y.o. is a wonderful example of the freedom that comes where there's no shame or fear of expression.
May we all let ourselves experience more connection by taking risks to share the vulnerability of:
joy and exuberance,
our own broken-ness and
our longings to become more

I love the idea of expanding our comfort zone to include more intense emotion as we sit with our clients' shame and fears.

When we know and can share our feelings of shame and deepest fears with a few trusted others it becomes easier for us in our therapist role to identify and access partners' shame so it can be transformed to feelings of being lovable and acceptable.

As Sue says, “If we can become comfortable with the power of emotion, it becomes [our] greatest ally…” (Psychotherapy Networker May/June 2012 – The Power of Emotion in Therapy)
Lets rock, everybody, lets rock….dancin' to the jailhouse rock.