Facilitating Hold Me Tight Workshops

The take aways from the webinar me and Sue Johnson just did were –

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Know your material. It’s a big job to set up and arrange the workshop, and get the word out. Once you are there, with your group, facilitating – it’s a lot of fun. More than that really, it’s very moving, meaningful and change is happening in couples’ lives.

With one facilitator, 5 – 7 couples. With more couples, try to get some volunteer helpers. 1 volunteer for every 5 – 7 couples.

I know a group of facilitators who help each other run the workshops. They take turns being the volunteers and being the presenter. Works out well. Or you can first attend, then attend as a helper, then facilitate the workshop. And when it’s your workshop you can help others learn by coming to help you.

Refer your clients to workshops, they will do better in therapy and they will let other couples know how effective your therapy is! A bit counter intuitive, but I’ve found it to be totally true.

If you attended the webinar – what were your take aways? Do you feel more prepared to facilitate a workshop? More committed to taking one? Do you have additional questions?

Leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer any questions.

Click Here for a copy of the Facilitating Successful Hold Me Tight® Workshops presentations slides.