EP14: How To Stay Connected With Your Partner


Life is definitely jam packed for so many of us these days from work, home chores, kid’s activities, family commitments and so on. One of the challenges as a result of all this is staying truly connected to your partner. Boredom, feeling out of touch, and a seemingly stagnate platonic relationship can easily become the norm. It’s not a nice feeling, leaving you fatigued, stressed and inevitably unhappy.

Clinical psychologist and relationship expert Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen explains to us on todays show the importance of connection and she shares some simple tips for achieving it with your partner.

From TheEdTalks | Helping Busy People Feel Energized Again by Ed Donato | A Health & Lifestyle Podcast Empowering Mums & Dads to Feel Their Best | Inspired by Tim Ferris, The good doctors, Abel James, Sean Croxton.
Released: 2015.
Genre: Self-Help.