Do any of these common difficulties sound like you?

I was part of a recent discussion on what common problems therapists have trying to learn EFT. My esteemed colleague Jim Furrow wrote up his top 10. I liked his list so well, and I think you will too. I suggest you take one skill on the list per week and focus on improving each area. Let me know if you have questions.

Jim Furrow's Top Ten Mistkaes therapists make using Emotionally Focused Therapy:

1. Failing to attune and attend to emotion in the moment – missing emotional cues.
2. Chasing primary emotion rather than accessing, expanding, and making sense of in the context of the cycle (Stage 1)
3. Talking attachment frames rather working from them.
4. Not trusting emotion and keeping intensity in session too low.
5. Enactments based on emotional experience that is not well organized.
6. Reflecting and /or heightening of emotion that therapist does not have a felt sense of… thin empathy results.
7. Doing enactments without emotion up and running.
8. Too much RISSSC not enough reflection / validation – emotion regulation.
9. Generic use of evocative responding – not focusing client on primary emotion – or specific aspect of client response.
10. Using the EFT hand dance as a treatment intervention. (joke)