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As an international relationship educator and couple’s therapist, Dr. Jorgensen teaches the science of love to psychologists and clinicians throughout the world

Dr. Jorgensen describes herself as being a bit of a connection crusader; sharing the secrets of love, romance, and fulfilling relationships via workshops, online courses, podcasts (Wefulness: The Science of Profound Connection and Celebrating the Couch) and FB Live. In addition to the best selling course: Emotionally Focused Therapy: Step by Step and her best selling video set Emotionally Focused Therapy: A Complete Treatment, she has produced numerous webinars and online courses on effective therapy, relationship treatment, and secure, lasting love. Dr. J is a director for two training institutes: The Attachment Advancement Institute and TRI EFT. She holds a PhD in clinical psychology.

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Hitched: Podcast
Episode 405: Gender Differences in Sexual Health: Men and women have biological differences when it comes to their sexual needs. Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen offers tips and information that couples can implement tonight.

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