27: Breaking Free from Your Patterns of Conflict

Have you ever had the feeling that you get into the same kind of conflict, over and over again, in your relationship? And when you recognize that, do you feel more free- like you are able to stop the pattern in its tracks and do something better? Or, are you left feeling powerless once the train has left the station?                                Well, it turns out there is one major source of all conflicts within a couple, and in this Relationship Alive! episode of Neil Sattin with Dr. Sue Johnson they talked about what that source is, and in very practical terms how to recognize it and break free of those repetitive patterns when they are happening. And, they also give helpful hint or two for those who are in a relationships with children from past relationships.
From Relationship Alive | Marriage Advice | Sexuality | Relationships |Connection | Intimacy | Love | Dating by Neil Sattin.
Released: 2016. Track 27.
Genre: Society & Culture.